Bangkok Skyline

Cristan Perugia in Thailand

Welcome to Cristan Perugia in Thailand.

Cristan Perugia in Thailand, a decision that has taken over 2 years. CRISTAN PERUGIA is now established in Bangkok and has made this region its manufacturing and distribution hub. A decision happily embraced by all.

Crista Perugia in Thailand is so excited about the availability of Quality Exotic Materials, the Quality of the Craftsmanship and the People in general. The friendly and gentle Thai Culture makes for a peaceful and enjoyable workplace. All of these helped to make our decision to come so easy.

Cristan Perugia in Thailand embraces all that life has to offer. The Fun and the Enjoyment of the simple things that are found in Thailand. Things that many Cities of the World wish they had.

Bangkok is at the centre of trade in the Asia/Oceania Region and allows shipping to every continent easily accessible. Our Quality is becoming recognised and we are delivering to an increasing group of friends and clients that appreciate the Handmade Leather Footwear that Cristan Perugia provides. Each pair of Cristan Perugia Sandals, Shoes, Boots and Wedges are carefully made by Craftsmen and women that truely care for the finished product.

CRISTAN PERUGIA in Thailand means to create beautiful products for many, many years. we are proud of the Quality in the choice of Materials from the Leather to the Fabric and Silk. Proud of our Craftspeople and of our outstanding customer service. We aim to make your relationship with us an enjoyable one.

A Smiling Customer is our greatest and most cherished accomplishment.

We would like you to join us and be part of our Family. Visit us, chat with us, tell us what you like, what you don’t like. Ask us questions about something regarding care of your Cristan Perugia products have some fun and be with us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube. Email your details for our special promotions and gift give away’s.

Come and travel the “Fashion Shoe World” with us and feel the way life should be – exciting.



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